MyLegalEdge, LLC, Legal Forms, Naples, FL


How will I know which form(s) to use?

To make a determination which form(s) you may need, review our form descriptions.

What if I don’t see the form(s) I need?

If you don’t see the form(s) you may need, you are welcome to submit a request to our staff using the Contact Us link.

What format are the forms available in for download?

When you purchase our forms, you will recieve a link to a downloadable Word document.

How do I download forms to my hard drive?

  1. First you add the form you want to purchase to your cart
  2. Once you have the forms your willing to purchase in your cart please click the checkout button located under the "Add to Cart" button or at the top right corner of your browser.
  3. Fill in your address.
  4. Select your payment method.
  5. After you have purchased the form please access the download page by clicking the link on the success page, or by clicking the link in the "My Account" dropdown menu at the top right of the browser.

May I edit the forms myself?

Our legal forms do allow for select customization, with check boxes, and fillable lines for you to insert your information.

How many times may I use MyLegalEdge forms?

Once you have downloaded a form to your personal computer, you may use it as many times as you like. However, check back frequently on the MyLegalEdge site to make sure you have the most current version of the form as we update our forms on an regular basis.

Are your forms current?

At MyLegalEdge, we update our forms on a regular, ongoing basis to provide you with the most accurate documents possible.

I live outside of the United States, may I use your forms outside of the U.S.?

The forms provided by MyLegalEdge, were drafted specifically for use within the United States. The forms may not be enforceable outside of the U.S. or comply with the law or legal requirements of other countries.

What if I buy your forms and I am dissatisfied?

We offer a money-back guarantee. See our Refund Policy .

I am an attorney, may I use these forms for my clients?

If you are an attorney, you may purchase MyLegalEdge forms for use in your own private practice for your clients.

How are your forms created?

The forms at MyLegalEdge are attorney drafted and attorney reviewed for accuracy and quality. In addition, once the forms are drafted, the forms are updated by attorneys using applicable laws for each state.

Do you add new forms to your site?

Yes, we are constantly adding new forms to the site. So check back often for new product additions.

Does MyLegalEdge provide legal advice?

No. MyLegalEdge is not a law firm. We do not provide legal advice. If your situation is of a complex legal nature, please consult an attorney within your state.

What if I still have further questions about your forms or services?

Please contact us and our staff will reply to you within 24 hours of your inquiry.