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The Best Small Business Opportunities for the Holiday Season

Each year, shoppers in the United States spend over $1 trillion during the Christmas holiday season. Such staggering figures prove how lucrative the season is for creative entrepreneurs who see this holiday as an opportunity to make money that will tide them till the season is over. 

Indeed, there are lots of unique small business opportunities that arise around the holiday season that you may want to consider.

For those wondering what business to try out this Christmas, we’ve prepared a list of innovative Christmas business ideas that may provide some inspiration. Depending on the idea you decide to adopt, you can always opt to grow the business past the holiday season, provided you have the necessary permits for your business.

Keep on reading to find out. 

Become a Personal Holiday Shopper

Interestingly, a lot of people today see holiday shopping as a chore they'd rather avoid. Many of them dislike the idea of shoving around crowds. Others don't have the time to do their shopping or are unwell.

So who wouldn’t jump at the chance to let someone else handle the chore for them? If you enjoy shopping, then this is one of the best Christmas service ideas to try out. Just be sure to quote a reasonable hourly rate to potential clients, and chances are you’ll soon have more business than you can handle. 

Be sure to promote your services, so many people are aware of what you're offering. Happy clients will most likely refer you to their friends and colleagues.

Start a Gift-Wrapping Service

Similar to holiday shopping, gift wrapping is a chore that most people hardly enjoy. Starting a gift wrapping service is thus a little Christmas business idea that can have lucrative returns.

So how do you go about the venture? The first idea is to become a traveling wrapper once you've picked up supplies from the store. You could also talk to the management of a local mall and set up a table inside the mall. 

Remember to print lots of flyers and wrap several sample boxes, so clients see what you have to offer.

Start a Cookie Business

With all the cookie exchanges and demand for goodies at parties during the holidays, what’s a better Christmas business idea than opening a cookie business?

Of course, you’ll need to be good at baking tasty treats or hire someone who is. Lots of people are willing to pay money for these treats.   

You needn't focus on selling your cookies to private individuals only. You can try talking to local restaurants and bakeries who may require additional baked foods. Businesses that organize holiday office parties are also potential clients.

Become a Holiday Decorator

Each year, families and businesses spend lots of money and time on decorations for the holidays. Why not offer to help them with the task? You could decide to provide your services to both homes and businesses or solely focus on Christmas decorations for businesses.

All you need is to have a good sense of style. Typically, you’ll be decorating both the indoors and outdoors with lights, holiday plants, balloons, and other Christmas decorations. 

Consider Party Planning Small Business Opportunities

Festive parties are full of fun, but how much work goes into pulling one off? Many people would jump at the chance to have a great party planner take the task off their hands.

You'll need to be organized to offer top-notch party planning services. Of course, it helps if you have a vast network of other independent contractors such as decorators, caterers, photographers, and so on.

Provide Christmas Tree Delivery Service

Who doesn’t love a Christmas tree in their homes during this special time of the year? Unfortunately, not all people have the time to go to a Christmas farm to pick a Christmas tree. Many people would prefer to hire a delivery service to do the job for them.

Why not explore this business opportunity? All you need is to use the right strategies to promote your services. For instance, you could partner with farmers who do not provide the home delivery option for their customers so they can alert you every time they get a purchase. 

Start a Cleaning Service

Most people may love the idea of traveling for a holiday, but many dread coming back because of the amount of cleaning and tidying up they’ll need to do on arrival. Opening a cleaning service during the festive season is, therefore, one of the lucrative Christmas holiday ideas you can consider.

Creative entrepreneurs who are quick and meticulous can get lots of clients who are willing a reasonable fee for cleaning services.

Sell Crafts and Gift Baskets

Lots of people love unique gift ideas for their friends and family. For crafty individuals, the festive season provides the perfect opportunity to sell their creative works as holiday gifts. Many places in America have holiday crafts shows where people can rent booths and showcase their masterpieces.  

Of course, you can also sell your crafts online. What if you don’t make crafts? Well, you can always purchase items and wrap them together in unique gift baskets before selling them.

Open a Christmas Souvenir Shop

With so many people traveling from where they reside to new places, why not take advantage of this huge business opportunity and open a Christmas Souvenir shop? Entrepreneurs who reside in areas that have tourist attractions are especially well-positioned. Tourists are always looking for souvenir items they can take home as gifts or reminders of the wonderful time they had.

All you need is to sell unique items that represent your town that visitors may be willing to purchase.

Make Some Money This Holiday Season

From presents to decorations to gifts to parties, people save all year to spend a lot of money during the Christmas period. Many of them are also very busy and would be happy to spend on a lot of services. Therefore, the period offers endless business opportunities for innovative entrepreneurs looking for small business opportunities.

So what business idea is most appealing to you? All you need is to make sure that the idea meets a holiday need, and you stand a great chance to make good profits.

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